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James Wedmore
When it comes to
WordPress and websites,
I don’t make a move
without Nathalie and Olivier
from WPHelpClub.

I completely trust them with my sites. Not only are they professionals,
but they are awesome to work with. They constantly deliver and are
always up for my challenges. I 110% recommends them for any
and all things web design.

- James Wedmore -
you can’t afford to not
have a trust-worthy
website protection plan:
big dreams for your business
You have customers
to serve, a list to
build, vacations to
take and big dreams
for your business.
in an instant
All the heart and
soul you’ve poured
into your website
could be gone
in an instant.
DIY type
You’re the DIY type
but website security
and protection don’t
fall into your zone of
genius. You know you
should leave it to
the pros.
There are 30000 Websites that
get hacked every day.
Here are 5 myths about website security
you need to stop believing right now.
Myth 1
“I just have to click on -update now-
to update my site and all is good.”

Updates need to be tested first to rule out any conflicts that
will break your site. Installing updates can be the main
cause for broken websites.
Myth 2
“My hosting company is making backups
for me so my site is safe.”

Unless you’re paying for a backup/restore service the
backup your hosting does is not reliable or guaranteed.
Not to mention you’ll be charged for the restore (IF they can
do it, and at their convenience).
Myth 3
“Somebody is out to get YOU.”
Hackers hack into servers and try to get to as many
websites as they can on that same server. They most likely do
not care about your content or you, they are just here to
break things.
“Once my website is done I don't have to
do anything to it to keep it safe.”

There is ongoing maintenance that needs to be done to
protect your content and keep your site safe. Your website
is a key element of your business. Don’t let the online pirates find it and
break it. A functioning website is PRICELESS.
Myth 4
“I can not afford the fee to pay someone
to do it for me.”

If you are making money with your site or
planning to do so in the near future, you can’t afford not
to pay someone to do this.
Myth 5
Nikki Elledge Brown
When it comes to building
and protecting, my sites(s) there's no one I trust MORE
than Nathalie + Olivier. They're
my development dream team!

If you can (hire to someone) dream it, Nathalie + Olivier can build it! They're like
digi-magicians. It's insane.
I've YET to find a crazy idea they'll say no to ;)

- Nikki Elledge Brown -
Looking for a way to protect your
online Home without you ever having
to lift a finger?
Our team pretty much lives, eats and breathes
all things web development. Chances are pretty
high that if your website has it, we’ve
done it before.

We've worked with Fortune 500 companies,
startups, entrepreneurs
as well as lifestyle
entrepreneurs like James Wedmore, Nikki
Elledge Brown
and Tiphani Montgomery to
bring their digital vision to reality.

We want to help you Protect your
digital home because... simply
shouldn’t have to
worry about it
We know how important
your website is.
We know it is critical that
you provide the best
possible experience to
your visitors if you want
to convert them into
leads and buyers....

The more customers you have, the more free time you have
to focus on helping more people and you can even take
more time to do the things you enjoy.
Focus on whatyou loveand do best:
working on your business
We’re entrepreneurs with clients to serve and a website we
use to attract those clients. Oh, and we have a family with
3 kids and love us some down time. We get it.
WebSite Protection Plan
what other
entrepreneurs Have to Say
about our team
I loved the fact that you
were a professional.
My results were a beautiful, fully functioning website that
my customers and clients love.

- Tiphani Montgomery -
I use WP Help Club to
backup my website and
keep it safe and secure but
also for support.
I don't have the time or knowledge to be able to do these sort of
things myself. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that I don't
have to worry about my website being hacked or crashing and these
things happen and I hear about it. If something happens, I know it
will be taken care of.

I also love the ongoing access to their WordPress Expertise, I know
that they are there to help me. If you're serious about your business
and don't want to have to worry about your website and you want
to have that piece of mind, then I highly recommend Nathalie and
Olivier and their service.

- Kelly Hine -
I only wish that I had found
Nathalie and Olivier from
WP Help Club earlier in
the process.
It would have saved me an enormous amount of time, energy,
money and frustration. Nathalie & Olivier are organized, efficient
and think of themselves as your partner.

- Elise Museles -
Introducing Website Protection Plan
Here’s what you get with the
website protection plan

Security and
Protection Checkup

+ Recommendations
(upon signup)

We set up a
development site

where we test all
updates and any
upcoming changes
for your site without
interfering with your
live. This means site
so your visitors are
not impacted

We backup your
entire site
in a
remote safe
location. You’ll
never ever lose your
content, or worry
about the bad guys.

We take care of ALL
your website
Plugins and Themes.
(each update will be
tested first on the
development site
before it is applied
to your live site to
make sure there are
no conflicts)

We monitor
suspicious activity

on your site

The only way you get small
development done.

You have
2 WordPress experts
just a click away for
consults for website/
or new development
(just schedule a free
consult and we go
from there!)
your plan
Here’s How it works
When you signup for
our website protection

You’ll make your first payment. Then, you fill out a short
informational form that gives our team access to your
hosting and FTP server for your site.

We’ll also dive into your fears, frustrations, anything
specific you'd like us to know about your website. Think
speed, visitors, headaches, goals etc.
We roll up our sleeves
and we...

Perform an audit/checkup of your site and provide a list
of specific recommendations that will drastically improve
your site speed and performance.

We make your site secure, install a complete backup
system, create a development/test site.

We perform regular updates of WordPress, plugins and
themes to keep your website up to date and secure
With this program, it’s our
dream for you to…
Have peace of mind that your website is in good hands and you can
focus on what you do best: RUN YOUR BUSINESS
Run Your Business
Take care of your clients
and build your tribe
Develop programs and
services to help your audience
achieve their goals.
Don't Waist Hours
Don't waste hours Googling or
looking at YouTube videos if
you have a WordPress
question or need tech
Get A Strategy Session
Launch your business
to the next Level
and have a tech Team
on your side.
You have a permanent
WordPress expert on your team.
This program is
not for you IF...
Not For You

You think that you can take
care of your website protection
, or you have someone
on your team doing it for you.

This program is
for you IF...
For You
You are making money with your
(or plan to do so in the
near future)

You’re an entrepreneur who
values their time
and you love
letting go of tasks that are not
revenue generating

You’re a serious action taker
who recognizes that a website is
a key element of your business

You’re looking for a professional
website management service

with great customer service and
access to experts

You’re an entrepreneur that
hates all the tech stuff
and don’t
want to hear about it but know
that it is critical to the success of
your business
Can you relate to any of
these scenarios
Scenario 1
You have a huge fear of
touching anything
updating your website
because you don't want
to break anything.
Scenario 2
You hate not knowing
what to do,
what solution
to choose or how often
your site should be
backed up.
Scenario 3
You are not a techy
but you know you
need your website
Scenario 4
Even if you wanted to
learn how, you don't have
time to learn techy stuff
Scenario 5
Let’s be honest you’re
not interested in
anything technical.
boring and repetitive and
you just want someone to
manage it for you.
Scenario 6
What? I need to backup
my website?? You are
then not aware of the
potential security issues
that could affect your
You will love
this program because....
Love 1
This program is
going to free up
your time to work
more closely with
your clients,

building your
programs or
services, better
server your
existing clients or
work on new
Love 2
It is going to
remove your
focus on your
website so you
can focus on your
Love 3
This is going to
give you peace of
that you are
working with the
pro and that your
website is taken
care of.
Love 4
No more
frustration over
tech stuff of fear

of breaking
Francesca Alexander
You know what you're doing.
You're an easy personality.

Most importantly you listen and you translate what you hear
effectively to fit the clients needs. This is not easy for most people.
I definitely recommend your service to anyone that is serious about
their website."

- Francesca Alexander -
Olivier & Nathalie
WP Helpc Club
Nathalie and Olivier founded the
WP Help Club in 2012 to create a place
for entrepreneurs to go for all of their
web development needs.
Olivier started his career as a software
engineer in the silicon valley in 1995
while working for multiple startups.

He became director for software
engineering for Celera working on the
human genome project and
successfully launched a multi-million
dollar website with a team of four
people in just three months while
saving millions in for Celera. This made
Wall Street extra happy.
Nathalie started her career in the
silicon valley as a software engineer in
1995 as a creating software at Hewlett

She then moved on to be a software
manager for Applied Biosystem, a
world leader in biotechnology, where
she lead the design and development
of sample tracking system used to track
phase 1 and 2 clinical trial samples for
clients such as Novartis, Mercks, Bayer or the Cancer Research Institute.
Security and protection are her top
Together they've created a website protection plan
that has been running for over a year now and follows
the high standards that they have been accustomed to
follow in the corporate world. You’ll get a Fortune 500
professional working environment for a price that
fits the needs of an entrepreneur.
When you sign up for our Website Protection Plan, you’ll be instantly
get this bonuses at no additional charge!

Bonus 1
bonus #1
How to turn your website into
a money making machine

Bonus 2
bonus #2
20 tools we use almost
everyday that helped us
build a 6 figure business in
12 months
Join this program now so you never have to worry
about your website breaking....ever again.
It starts from $99 per month.
Billed Monthly Get Started
  • Website
    Protection Plan
Billed Monthly Get Started
  • Website
    Protection Plan
  • 1Hr Tech Support
  • OR Development
  • OR Consulting
Billed Monthly Get Started
  • Website
    Protection Plan
  • 3Hr Tech Support
  • OR Development
  • OR Consulting
Don't see the value and prefer to do it yourself?
Cancel anytime, no questions asked.
*check our terms of services. WordPress websites only. Need access to hosting. Backup size max size 1G. Any questions? Contact us as services(@)
Are you a master delegator?
You know your website is a key element
of your online business and is your
most valuable asset
that sales person that works
for you 24/7
If you have an online business, know how valuable your
time is and want to spend it on revenue generating
activities, this program was created just for you.
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